Interrail 2015 – Intro

So I have today just returned from a three week backpacking adventure around Europe with my two pals Jamie and Martin. It was without a doubt one of the best experiences of my life. As with any trip it had its ups and downs; but I wouldn’t have it any other way. As they say, how can you appreciate the good times without the bad? Every day was full of new experiences. Some exciting, some beautiful, some hard work and stressful, pretty much all carried out under the influence of cheap European booze.

We’ve met some real charecters along the way, some that we may drop the occasional message to on Facebook, some we hope to even visit in the future (Mark from Cape Town I’m looking at you,) and some I hope we never meet again.

I’ll end this introduction quickly, afterall you get the idea;  I left the proverbial nest of the UK and went on a slight adventure without Ma and Pa. I don’t want to come across as the standard “Oh gosh I went travelling on my gap yar and it changed my life forever and now I want to grow my hair out, learn the ukele and go live with the indiginous Puyuman tribes people of Taiwan.” sort of person. As with every time I write about travel, it is more for my own benefit. My memory is on par with an alcoholic goldfish who spent his life sniffing glue whilst taking repeated golf club hits to the cerebral cortex. I don’t want to let these past three weeks disappear into the neurological abyss and therefore writing about them means I always have a way to remember them clearly. So if you couldn’t give two shits about what I did these last few weeks, then go back to Facebook or Pornhub or whatever it was you were doing and I wish you well.

Basically, we went to the following cities where we did some site seeing, experienced some new stuff, met loads of other travellers and got shit faced most nights. It was the dog’s bollocks.

Our route

August 19th Bristol (UK) f3eef3d2 Amsterdam (Netherlands)

August 22nd Amsterdam (Netherlands) train Berlin (Germany)

August 24th Berlin (Germany) trainPrague (Czech Republic)

August 25th Prague (Czech Republic)last-quarte-phase-of-moon_318-824train Krakow (Poland)

August 26th Krakow (Poland)last-quarte-phase-of-moon_318-824 trainBudapest (Hungary)

August 31st Budapest (Hungary)train Zagreb (Croatia)

September 1st Zagreb (Croatia)bus icon Pula (Croatia)

September 2nd Outlook-Festival-2015-Logo

September 07 Pula (Croatia) trainLjubljana (Slovenia)

September 08 Ljubljana (Slovenia)train Munich (Germany)

September 09 Munich (Germany)f3eef3d2 Luton (UK)

I’ve filled up the majority of a 32gb SD card full of our travels. There’s about a 50/50 split of half decent photos – to blurry, out of focus shots of trees and buildings. Either way that’s a lot to sort through. Martin took notes of everything we did so I don’t have to worry about typing everything up in a rush. I will take my time and upload a new post every so often with each city’s adventures.

I also hope this series might help others in the future planning to do a similar trip. I’ll try to explain some things that took us a while to get our heads round, as well as provide recommendation on where to stay (and where not) and what to do.


G x


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